Friday, March 29, 2013

Beware Of LashMantra......

I swear I am a sweet heart and a very understanding person,
and just like every other female. I desire to have big dolly lashes.
So I did research to look for serums that would enhance the growth of my lashes.
Now I know what you are probably thinking, you are probably thinking "Geee why waste time just go out and buy some false lashes"
But ummm nope I don't think so, I am not a fan of fake lashes, the thought of something hanging off my eye with adhesive sounds annoying. LOL.
But back to the point.
When I look up other lash serums they all had a list of side effects i didn't like such as
darkening around my eyes, or eye damage so i searched for a safer more natural alternative and found

I though it was a dream come true!
Dolly eyelashes that will grow by natural oil applied to my lashes WIN!
boy was i wrong.......
Before making the worst decision of my life to throw away 69 bucks. I look of reviews of the product.
Odd enough all of the reviews were GOOD..tooo good if you know what I mean, but i let that go and decided to take a risk.
stupid, foolish, impulsive me grrrrrrrrrr i wish i never had.
So I placed my order on Oct 24.
and waited
and waited
and waited
and waited
and never received an order... So i sent an email to the owner Lleonn  saying

"Hello i was wondering how long will it take for my order to be shipped. I placed my order 4 days ago and now i'm feeling antsy seeing has though you have no contact or anyone i can speak with about my order, i just cant wait to use it and see the results. any help will be appreciated, thank you"
 (this is exact wording, i copy and pasted from my emails) 
Lleonn responded asking for my order I.d And i gave it to her.
After that she never responded back so I emailed again saying
   "my order number is 111871 and i've been waiting since october... :/"
I sent my order number again just in case she needed it. This email was sent November 11 2012
Then 2 days later i asked her to cancel my order
I was ignored again so i sent this Jan, 7 2013
 "  I am highly upset and i'm getting really pissed off. I really don't want have to make this a big deal, because i'm not the sort of person to but if i have to let everyone know that this company is just theifs then I will. I ordered a product from you that cost 69 bucks and i never recieved it. It has been almost 5 months now and i really want my money back. I'm pretty sure i sent a email asking you to cancel my order and refund my money but that was never done. it is not easy to lose money like this so please lets be professional and get to the bottom of this. Any help is appreciated, thanks. I just want my money back.."
FINALLLY SHE RESPONDED (hmmm i wonder why....)
and said this  
Jan 10  "Hi,

If you haven't received it yet it means your order was one of the many orders that got damaged in transit. I will reship the product within 24 hours with an extra bottle of LashMantra.

I am so sorry about the delay!"

Um sorry about the delay? Its been fucking 5 months and i asked her to cancel my order and she completely disregarded... that's very rude. So at this point i am upset, i don't even care about fucking dolly lashes anymore..i just want my money back
This was my response back
" The whole point that is making me upset is i dont want the merchandise. I just want my order canceled and my money credited back to my account, but nobody seems to understand that which is extremely frustrating"
I was ignored again so this was sent
Feb 2
"I dont understand whats going on, can you please cancel my order and refund my money. i seriously need my money. i dont think you people understand how urgent i need my money refunded. ive tried asking as nicely has possible..  
And once again I was ignored
so I sent this In Feb 13
" I swear if i don't see my money refunded back to my account i'm going to get legal authorities involved and you wont be able to steal anyone's money not ever again.
This is utterly ridiculous that i have to email you so many times and all you do is ignore my request. I should have known when i seen no contact number on your website that it was a scam.
what you are doing is highly unprofessional and just down right wrong. I am not the type of person who makes a big deal over stuff but when it comes to 70.00 bucks then i feel that i have to and especially when the other party isnt being very cooperative then you leave me no choice."
Lleonn never bothered to respond or even send my merchandise, she basically just stole 69 0r 70 bucks I should say and never sent me the product.
This is what happens when you order from scamming people.
I tried to send an email to the better business bureau but they said they needed more details. The thing that bugs me is her getting away with this bullshit, I dont deserve to be robbed up fucking 70 bucks.
So I basically wrote this blog to warn people of this disgusting business that steals from people and writes fake reviews on themselves to make their product look amazing.
Yep they are scammers, every review you see on their website was approved by the owner first before being posted(I tried to post a review of how i never got my product and the system said my comment had to be "approved before being posted LOL). So those are not honest opinions by real buyers.
And all those blog posts you see raving about the product are by people who are friends with Lleonn.    
If you don't listen to me and think i'm just a bitter random person making all this shit up then all i have to say is purchase at your own risk. You'll just have to learn the hard way i did and lose money. :/ 




  1. I appreciate you posting this...wish I would have seen it before I purchased Lashmantra. I had the same exact experience as you, and was given the same song and dance when Lleon finally decided to contact me (the song and dance about the product being damaged in transit from India, HA, what a crock). I however was able to get my complaint to the BBB by following up (I called the phone number they provided)...they tried to tell me that they needed more info like a real address, etc., but I told them that the company didn't have any of that information listed on the site. And so, after 6 whole months, I finally received my order (it was literally like 3 days ago that I got it - I am writing this today, 4/5/13). I haven't used the product yet...maybe I'm still in shock as to how long it took to arrive. Oh, and to add a little more salt in the wound, when I received the product, all I got was a bottle of oil (the Lashmantra) in a "fancy" (burlap 'feeling') red drawstring bag... there was no applicator brush to go along with the product, no tube or anything to apply the product to my I guess they expect you to buy that yourself...after waiting a half a year and after paying $70, they expect you to buy your own applicator. HA, never again Lashmantra...NEVER AGAIN!


    Leem from Fairfax, VA

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read. I'm trying to get this blog entry out to everyone, because i feel has if she is tricking people with her false reviews that she had "friends" write for the product. I also feel she is unprofessional and disgusting to just take people's money and not send them a product. I have tried BBB also and they told me the same thing. So now I'm look for a phone number of Lashmantra. Its shame that people can do this nowadays. Please share this entry with others to let them know what Lashmantra is all about. I refuse to standby and let her make money off of people this way.
      Thanks :)

    2. I'm a little late, lol, but I have in fact shared your review and my experience with EVERYONE that I know, and they thank you!! Keep writing reviews, you're very helpful! Thank you! :-)

      -Leem from Fairfax, VA

  2. Thanks for this post! I was going to place an order for LashMantra, but I wanted to see some reviews/feedback first. I'm sorry that you had a horrible experience with this company, but I'm really glad you posted all the issues and gave a detailed account of your issues.
    Have you tried contacting the FTC or your state Attorney General's office? They may be able to get your money refunded--at least they'll investigate the company and shut them down for unscrupulous business practices.
    Thanks again, and good luck!!

    1. Thank you for reading lol and I still haven't gotten a response from Lleonn, or my money back. I will try FTC although I doubt they can help if the better business bureau told me they couldn't because Lashamntra doesn't provide contact info :/

  3. heeeey i was just about to purchase that shit... thanx for the info you saved me 70 bucks :)

  4. After reading some great reviews I was just about ready to buy this product (the only thing that was bothering me was that they said they didn't list all their ingredients - red flag!) but because of such good reviews I was considering giving it a try in spite of that, and then I found this website. So glad I did! You just saved me 70 dollars and a big hassle as well (no applicator? 5 month wait??) Thank you for sharing your experiences. I will search for another "legitimate" product from a company who respects their customers!

  5. I am currently having a similar experience. I read all the 'reviews' and thought it sounded good.

    I placed an order in early April, and got an email saying it had shipped. One month later, and it never arrived. I sent 2 emails, asking what happened to it. No reply! What terrible customer service. I guess its just one woman in her home.

    As of today, the website its not even working! (I hope its just temporary, but if the company up and busted, I'll be really pissed.) I will contact my credit card company and initiate an investigation so I can get my money back.

    1. Oh believe me show knows that people are trying to contact her. I found her personally twitter and tried to say things to her but she ignores me. And I also post on her website and she deletes my comments and now makes it to where she must approve them before publishing. This is her twitter.. goodluck getting your product and money back. I have no luck at all

  6. Ugghhhh!! I wish I found this blog earlier. I placed an order in May and have yet to receive anything. I received an email saying my item had shipped, but no tracking number was provided and I'm not able to log on to the website to check the item status either. I've now opened a claim with Paypal. I hope I can get my money back!

  7. After much struggle, I luckily DID finally get Lashmantra -- but it had no effect.

    If you never received yours, the Better Business Bureau and other US bodies are unlikely to be able to help, because Lleon Rao is based in India.

    But if you've asked for a refund and havent gotten it, I'd advise that:
    1) If you used Paypal, you can make a claim with Paypal. Or
    2) If you used a credit card but not Paypal (of if Paypal isnt helpful), you can 'contest a purchase' with your credit card. And get your money credited that way. That should also set up a flag in their systems, for other purchasers.

    Aside from that...If you contact Lleon via her other blog (noted above in someone's post), you might get a response.

    I too had a similar experience last year, where I didnt receive it. I emailed Lleon about 5 times over 6 months. (During which time the LashMantra site was often offline). Finally she responded, saying 'it must have been damaged in transit'. But clearly had no record of my order or address (who doesnt have records of orders?), and promised to send again. So I provided my info again. And nothing. Several emails -- and several months later -- I finally got the bottle. Packaged in a cute burlap sack, but no other info like an order form or confirmation.

    Opening up the bottle, it smells like sesame oil on the way to getting rancid. Fair enough, maybe it is indeed a blend of 18 oils. I used it till the bottle ran out and... yup no results.

    I think she's well meaning, but clearly way out of her depth as a 1-woman mail order beauty company.

  8. Lashmantra may well be a 'company' owned by Lleon Rao, of Mysore India. But she does not deliver the 'natural lash growth serum'. I know a friend who eventually got delivery (she ordered it unbeknownst to me, or I would have warned her), it comes 6-9 months late-- and only because of repeated emails by customers. Many people just give up.

    Lleon the owner, is either so disorganised that she can't deliver any orders-- or is deliberately scamming and keeping money.

    Like others, I ordered via Paypal, and the order never arrived. I emailed Lleon, she didnt respond (and her site is often down). If after repeated emails, she eventually responded, she says the order has been damaged in transit, and will reship. But usually never did. By this time, 7 months have elapsed.

    Unfortunately, Paypal has a statute of limitations to contest a payment claim. And so do most credit cards. So Lleon Rao probably knows this -- ie keeping your hope alive, while biding time until you cant get your money back.

    The people who do eventually get Lashmantra (usually after much hassle) find they receive it with no offical order forms. And my friend found that it does not work.

    It's a very expensive product, that usually is not delivered. Beware.

  9. I love your honesty! Although I am an affiliate for many natural skin care products, I too hate those fake review sites that suck your money with bullshit reviews and even wrote articles about them.

    As far as LashMantra, I actually used this product for years and loved it. I also promoted it on my blog until I saw your post when I deleted any links to her site. The site is no longer in existence today-assuming you are not the only one with an issue with this company.

    1. Yes I love finding natural alternatives for beauty or cosmetics too! :) and Im not surprised she took the site down. She owes a lot of money to people. She tried to send me the same "Oh your product have gotten damaged, I'll send you free stuff" message 2 months ago. she has sent me that message over 3 times. i know she will never refund my money, but I will make sure she wont steal another dime from another person..

  10. My cousin ordered this about 1-2 years ago and received her order quickly. She said it worked really well so I thought I'd try it. I had the same experience as you and after not receiving it in a month I emailed several times with no response. I paid through paypal so just before the 3 months was up, I filed a claim. My money was refunded. Good luck to you! Maybe someday it will show up in the mail!

  11. Isnt her actual name Leon? Now it's Lleaon! I am not surprised at all by her nasty email she sent as a competiter. She can get nasty and as of today, I am not amused by reading so many reviews about Leon, um if she wants to be queen of beauty in business don't she need to question her level of professionalism and work ethics? She is living in her own illusion, shutting down goes to show who she is - Nasty after Greed Ripping ppl off = Nasty.

  12. Thank you so much............ :) :)
    i used to visit her blog n read her tips...i tot she s realy good....

  13. Thanks for all the posts. I've tried visiting too but its not working. Seems like she has absconded. Thanks to all the posts here, I was tempted to try the product and I'm glad I chance on this blog and saves me $$$. The power of social media.